What is Image Retouching?

When talking about photography, specifically post-processing and image editing, the term ‘retouching’ refers to any process used to alter an image in it’s physical look.

It also refers to digitally improve the images appearance.

Retouching can be used to remove a variety image defects for example dust or dirt on an an unwanted object in an image or, as is widely seen in fashion publications the physical defects of a model’s skin.

Modern digital retouching is carried out in photo editing software using numerous tools such as blurring brushes, color replacement tools, and clone stamps.

One of the first aspects that comes to mind when mentioning  professional photography is flawless skin. The core of most beauty work is the art of conveying perfection. While few complexions are naturally perfect, it is an illusion that becomes important to create this fantasy and impactful look.


It is essential for prints and albums to have a certain level of adjustments, improvements or a professional enhancement. Fine Art retouching is what complete’s that story in your book if you’re purchasing a wedding album.


Below are examples of some of my images before and after retouching.

The before image, is what you receive on a normal process, with colour correction applied.

The after image, is what an image ready for publishing or printing is been delivered like.